Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mandy's December Album - Transparency Page and Day 1

Gotta love a transparency page and a bit of sequin!
First up is the transparency shaker page..
I'm using this paper out of this MME Sleighbells Ring kit
it's the reverse side of this deer paper on the front of the kit
and picked out two 7x5 sized transparency from
Theresa Collins Photo Overlays (there are 6x4s too)
And folded the paper in half, measured and cut a frame  

Put a  heap of sequins on top of one of the overlays
(pop the word 'sequins' in the search in the shop and lots of pretty colours will come up)
glue the edges of the other overlay and stick it down on the other

All colour matched with the napkin that had been pasted and sealed inside the cover
Next is Day 1
These different sizes and orientations  come with the covers and I've used
the bottom left one

 First is a little sequin pocket  on the lower right side
It can be sealed in a number of ways :-  fuse tool, vellum tape, sewn, bit of glue

And using some leftover of the woodgrain paper as a little title block 

This little Pine Die is fabulous - another die that I use heaps


Which worked a treat... 

Amazing what a little bit of sparkle brings to the page :)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Lee-Anne's December Daily

Here's my December Daily album ready and waiting to go,
and a quick rundown on what I have used.  Will add in some step by steps soon for you all.

I used the December Memories Sticker from Teresa Collins - Christmas Cottage - Stickers but will use a lot more from this sticker sheet throughout the album 

These come in a pack of 6 (3 different types) They are on special at them moment and even though I have only used one on the album, I will be using more for all sorts of Christmas Decorations
 Then added some dimension with Teresa Collins Designs - Basically Essential - Modeling Paste


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas is here!

Living in such a hot Christmas world I find it hard some years to get excited about Christmas and finding the energy or inspiration to do too much Christmas Decorating but this year the lovely Katie Squire showed me a u-tube video that she had found using Pool Noodles for a Make Your Own Wreath  and got me excited, and now after getting Christmas Creative I am ready to get right into the Christmas groove, sometimes it just takes that one project.

You can find the video link below.  With a bundle of help from Danny with the wire etc I made a few changes - got rid of the need for a hot glue gun (I always make a mess).

This is how it went.
  1. Firstly as it was going in the shop window and going to be a substantially larger we threaded #8 fencing wire through the centre of the noodles  to form the shape of the wreath before taping it together with some duct tape.
  2. Wrap the wreath in tinsel (just some old leftovers from previous years)
  3. Tie on our greenery, this was leftover branches from an old Christmas tree - I tied these on with 6" Tulle Ribbon but you could use anything that looks decorative, even old torn up rags would work if you wanted to go for a vintage look.
  4. Thread the large baubles with the same Tulle and tie then on around the bottom.
  5. Using smaller baubles thread three baubles together with an alternative decorative ribbon - I used Silver for the top to blend with the tinsel, cream for the bottom so the ribbon stood out.
  6. Tie the bauble sets on.
  7. To hold the shape we have then tied Silver Craft Wire from the top to the bottom - just one strand the silver is barely visible and it is amazing how strong this stuff is.
  8. Finished it off with some hanging baubles and a couple of bells.
Other than the pool noodles, absolutely everything was here waiting for a home, either down in the bottom of my Christmas box, the #8 wire was in the shed and some ribbon and craft wire from my craft box.  so this project was two $3 pool noodles, $6 in total and I am pretty happy with the result!

Video Tutorial