Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It doesn't have to be expensive....

How often have you heard the words..."Scrapbooking is too expensive for me, I could never afford to do it." ?
Well...I've heard them alot!

Scrapbooking does not always have to be expensive. For sure, like any hobby it can be...but it doesn't have to be. We can all still buy the latest yummy products, and keep up with the latest techniques to help us produce stunning layouts on a budget!
Here are a few ideas to think about!

Why not share orders? If you have a scrapping buddy with similar taste. Why not go shopping together? Alot of the embellishments out there have mulitples in them. Go wild at the checkout, and only have to pay half the price. When your done share your goodies out!

Have you got any left over scraps of patterned paper or any other products that you don't want or need anymore? Take them to your next crop and swap them with someone else in the class. Ones scrappers trash is another scrappers treasure! :) If you live in woop woop and don't have acccess to a store or crops, pop into the 'Everything old is new again' thread on the forum and do a little swapping on there!

Letter stickers. Once you have used the letter. Don't throw the backing sheet away. Use it as a stencil. Adhere it to a peice of scrap chipboard of heavy weight cardstock, cut the inner of the letter out with a craft knife and there you have it...a stencil to use over and over again!

When purchasing alphabets, look for ones with alot of letters in one pack! There's nothing worse than getting home to scrap your layout, and realising you don't have enough! Another great tip is to buy the alphas that include numbers aswell...what a bonus!

Having both a boy and a girl, i find it a little more practical to buy alot of my alphabets in generic black, white and brown. I have a few that are pinks, just for my daughter and a few that are blue, just for my son...but the rest are mainly black and white, at least they go with most!

Ok, so there are a few tips. If you liked these, and would like to hear more, leave a comment and tell us you've been and I will pop a few more up in the future!

Happy scrapping!!


Gigglepot said...

been here, read that! Ill be up for more in the future!

mich said...

Excellent tips, Belinda. As I read the list... I ticked everyone of them .... done all, but I'm still broke! LOL.. only because now I can afford to buy 2 colours instead of just 1!!! bwahahahaha.... Now you know how I got my blog title: Born free, now I'm expensive :) :)