Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Submitting your layouts...

Have you ever thought..."I can't do that, it's too hard" or "What's the point, I'll never get any accepted anyway." Well, think again. It's not hard, and if you don't do it how are you ever going to get them published!

Here are a few things you might like to know to make it a little easier!

Layouts can be submitted in two email or by mail!
Check the magazine your submitting to, or magazines website for more details.
Each month, each magazine will have different themes they are looking for...keep an eye out, you may have a layout that fits one of them!

If you are emailing your layouts. Take a good quality photograph or scan of the layout and crop it in a photo editing programme. Save your file as a JPEG or for some mags it can be a TIFF file also. Don't forget to resize your image to meet the magazines requirments. Each magazine is different.

Open up a new message in your email and attatch your layout to it. Put the name of the theme in the subject line of the message. In the magazine or on the website it will indicate the themes that mag is calling for, and what the deadline of each is.

If you are wanting to send your layout by mail, please check the magazine before hand to make sure they do allow this. I do know that some magazines don't take mailed layouts, others want photocopies and others accept originals. So you really need to check the magazine or websites submisson details first. If you have access to a computer, emailing is the easiest way!

A few tips...

Gather up the magazines email adresses and store them into your email adress book so when you want to sub...your all ready to go!

For each layout you scrap, write what products you have used on the back of your layout. This way, if you do get the layout accepted you know what materials you have used as they all require a materials list!

If you get rejection after rejection, keep trying. Don't forget, they can't accept everyones layouts. There is only a limited amount of room in each magazine and there are a heck of alot of people submitting each day. Keep submitting and one day it will happen! Just think positive!




I hope this has encouraged you to either get subbing, or keep subbing! Keep in mind, that even the most published scrappers had to start somewhere and they still get rejection emails
Keep submitting your just don't know until you try!



Lea said...

belinda thsnks for the tips. a dear friend of mine has had a gazillion lo's published but she sends heaps n heaps in and tells me that she gets stacks or rejections too.

Gigglepot said...

:) YAY for me.. LO of the week! hehe thanks guys :)