Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To card or not to card

This is the question on many scrappers minds at this time of the year. Some scrappers feel they can't quite "do" cards - but this really need not be so.
There are some fantastically easy card ideas over at therapy from Narelle and Belinda.

Keep your eyes on this space as I will post later tonight some of my own creations - and lol I "don't do" cards lol.

Also we have a new Design Team member - pop along and meet this fantastically talented scrapper.


Fifiscrapz said...

Hi Just to let you know I have posted on my blog regarding Scrap therapy scrapping with the stars part four and have links on the sidebar to scrap therapy and this blog as well as a blinkie to scrap therapy

purplecrazymum said...

I think I'm going to do some cards - and my blog is all set with the first three requirements for blog bucks, and there's probably even a couple of posts with references to scraptherapy, too!!

Now I have no excuse to not update my blog regular-like!!

Gigglepot said...

I've been here ;) Go check out my blog.