Thursday, December 6, 2007

Only one sleep to go until......

the CYBERCROP...whooo hoooo!!

Are you organised? Have you printed your phots? Have you called the babysitter? Have you cleaned your scraproom so you can find everything? Have you checked out the hints?

If you have said NO to any of these...DO IT NOW! hehe

How are you all going with your 'Scrapping with the Stars' entries?
Have you heard the good news? Nat has kindly extended a few of the dates...check out the forum for more details.

Now don't forget..Cybercrop tomorrow there or be square...
(I have never really understood that saying, but sounds good...;)

1 comment:

Gigglepot said...

Commenting again for the blog bucks ;) cant wait for the cc to start!! 1 hour to go!!