Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Fun technique to try...step by step

So you may of seen BUBBLE WRAP stamping become quite popular of late, and popping up all over the place on pages.
It is a fun way to add a bit of color to your page using paint, or ink.
And Im sure you ALL have some Bubble wrap laying around the place.

So here is a little step-by-step to get you into the awesome that is bubble wrap stamping.

Firstly, Get your paper, or page, and work out where you need the stamping to be.
Cut your bubble wrap to size, and lay bubble side up.

Next, grab your paint, with a brush, or your finger, and spread it carefully over the "bumps"
(Alternatively you can use INK, just blot that on straight from the ink pad)

What you should have now is a painted, or inked up piece of bubblewrap.

Work out your spot to stamp and PRESS firmly onto your page. Smooth it over firmly.

Then carefully peel back from the corner. To reveal your "stamped image"

What you are left with now is some very cool Bubble wrap stamp polka dot stampings.

You can leave it like that, Or for more impact add another color over the top, perhaps a darker shade.
Or even doodle around the small "polka dots"

HAVE FUN WITH IT and have a play with some colors.

Remember to add your pic to the gallery if you do, to share your success.



Natalie Satchwill said...

Awesome lesson Jodie thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

Cool tip Jodie.

LEA said...

ooh looks like fun jodie! thanks.

charmaine said...

that is a good idea...it would look good with more than one colour:) Thanks for that Jodie