Friday, February 15, 2008

Ok guys who is up for
a just for fun photo challenge.
A few weeks back I was doing a bit of blog surfing and came across a post on Ali Edwards blog about taking part in a fun photo shoot and seeing as I have got a circle journal which I need to work on that fitted in with the challenge I chose my word and letters then took them out with me when I went out to see a friend for a few days and we had fun coming up with different ideas for the photos.
Here are a few of my favs.
Tucked into the bark of a tree.
In the sand with some duck foot prints.
On the window sill of Asher's cubby or I should say Craig store shed as she never uses it.
On a playground play equipment platform.On a playground slide
In amongst the grass and weeds.

So choose a word and some letters and take some fun pics. Now I just need to decided which one to use in the circle journal entry.

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Princess Tamara said...

Wow, Julie, they look awesome!