Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sweets for my sweet and for yours too.
*Empty flower container or button packet
*Prima Sweet valentine Free download
*Carolee's Creations tiny etched letters
*Love heart lollies

Step 1
Print out three of the Prima images in Abode Photoshop on 6 by 4 bazzil, scaled to fit page. Step 2
Trim around the frame following the faint fold lines. Step 3
From the scraps of paper for the bottle cut a strip 1 1/2 by 6 ½ inches and for the button packet cut a strip 1.4 by 3 inches and ink the edges. Step 4
Using double sided tape wrap the strip around the bottle leaving the biggest part of the label uncovered as it will be covered later and cover the hanger part of the button packet. Step 5
Apply letters to the Prima print outs. Step 6
Using double sided tape adhere a Prima tag to the bottle over the exposed label and with a brad on the button packet. Step 7
Using the bottle lid as a guide, cut and fray a square of calico and two thin strips to tie around the button packets. Tie the strips to the packet securing with a staple that will be covered by the tag. Step 8
Fill the containers with the heart lollies, screw on lid to flower bottle and with a rubber band cover the lid with the calico.

Step 9

Stand back and admire your little gift then stash it till Thursday.
I had fun making up these. I was just going to do the flower bottle one for Craig but Asher was watching me do it and wanted to give her teachers at school something too.
Hope you all have fun on valentines day whatever you end up doing.
See you all in Therapy.


LEA said...

what a gorgeous, simple, thoughtful gift! thanks for sharing it with us julie.

kerry said...

Wow Juloe these are great i so need to get adobe photoshop.