Friday, August 1, 2008

Want to be in the running to win some goodies

Well pop on over to Therapy join us, pop in and say hello and help to spread the word.
Lee anne has got a box of new CHA goodies that is just begging to be given away.
Here are the details.
Hi girls I am here and here is my first challenge for the weekend I have a prize pack, the value of the pack will be decided by you guys. So far since I have been Therapy Mum the most hits we have had on any one day is 168 (from different ip addresses). The value of the prize pack will start at $16.80 and will increase by $10 for every 100 hits the site gets above and beyond 168 on any given day, in other words if on Saturday we get 1068 independant hits the value of the pack will be $106.80. Just in case someone knows something I dont about increasing hits however the prize will be limited at $200.00. You can see how our hit count is going by clicking the Scraplounge icon at the bottom of the page. EVERYONE who posts any post in any of the cybercrop links over the weekend will go into the draw to win this pack. It will be a random draw. ANYONE who posts can win, so if you are here make sure you at least say hello. On Sunday night we will be announcing our new MANUFACTURER OF THE MONTH for August. I cant tell you who it is but I can tell you that the products in the prize pack are ALL NEW CHA RELEASES from that manufacturer. To record a hit, all we have to do is pop ANYWHERE into the site and have a look - so tell everyone you know to pop in, including but not limited to --- your Mum and Dad, your live away from home kids, your friends, your penpals and all the other people you know who have internet connections and even the ones you dont. All I ask is that you dont offend any other scrapping sites by posting links on their forums. So start telling your friends and we will see how we go!!!

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