Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mum's surprise challenges

Yeap Therapy mum Lee anne has suprosed us all, even the dters, with a few surprise challenges over the cyber crop this weekend. Here they are if you feel like a non scrappy challenge.
Surprise challenge 1
Who is going to be our Man of the Month for September??? Post your guess here before Sunday night. You will all get one chance to guess the man of the month. Anyone who guesses correctly will get a man of the month prize in the post. That could cost me dearly, but I am up for the challenge. I wont be dropping any hints - you have until Sunday night to post your guess.
So pop in here and drop in your guess. There are some yummy products being guessed. Some of my favs too.
Surprise challenge 2
Ok girls giving you plenty of warning on this one. We have some fantastic talented scrappers around here and it is the DT's job to challenge all of you to scrap til you drop over the weekend of the CC. I get to do the fun stuff (which is only fair I think) If you are not going to get a chance to scrap this weekend dont worry - you can still win a prize. As you know we are revealing the new Man of the Month on Sunday night at 9pm. At some time between 8.50 and 9.05 I am going to take a screen dump of the users who are online. Simple as that - be online - if you are shy and dont like to chat you dont even have to post anything. It will be a lucky draw - whoever is actively online at the time will go into the draw to win a prize in the post to the value of $20.00. Of course that will be from the man of the month for sept. So who will be here - the most users ever online at once has been 56 according to the note at the bottom of the screen - can we smash the record? If we do beat that record I will increase the prize in the post to $40. So if you have any friends who have been thinking about joining up tell them to get it done this weekend and be here on Sunday night for the chance to win a great prize. That's right - a prize just for being here, just to show you all how much I love your company!!
So make sure you are registered and logged into the forum on Sunday night when we announce the new man of the month. I can just see Smauge's suggestion for man of the month scrapped in the yummy ------------------------ papers now.
Yeap she thought we were talking about a real man.
See you all in Therapy.

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smauge said...

oh yeah - and that is a real man!!!!