Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blind scrapping pages

Thought I'd share with you some of pages the Therapy members have done from the blind scrap I ran on Saturday night. The link is to the no chat thread but if you have a few moments, a coffee in hand and could do with a few giggles check out the chat thread. It was a fun night and at one time I was cyber ducking as I am sure if I was face to face with a few of the girls they would of thrown something at me.
Here are two pages from Deb.
This first one she followed the instructions and chose to do the single layout in the end using both scrapped 11 by 5 pieces on the one 12 by 12

and she did a second, following the instructions but only for the one scrapped 11 by 5 piece.

I had a twist for the girls and the twist was at the end they could choose to do a double or single page. Murietta and Charmanine chose to do a double.

I love how the pages all come out different from the same instructions. Even if I did confuse a lot of the girls.

Oh and while I'm here if you want to check out the What's new section over at Therapy you wil be in for a yummy surprise.

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