Sunday, February 1, 2009

Another rak clue.

Recognise one of the papers used here one of my Scrapping the music layouts.
Keep the guesses coming girls.
See you all in Therapy.


Jenny Dauth said...

Hey Julie, got me thinking now!! :) Would it be 3L - I dont know if they make paper but your clue leads me there

Sandra D said...

I don't KNOW for sure when looking at those papers - and your blog gives no clues either :( - but they look a bit like Scenic Route ... that's 3 syllables??

Jenny Dauth said...

Hey Julie you are doing my head in!!!LOL
Might as well have another guess: how about 3 initials: SEI

Sandra D said...

I THINK I'VE GOT IT .... IS IT SEI??? That's 3 letters!!! It's the Poppy Range.

cherylb said...

I'll put comments every where!!!!

Sei papers