Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blind scrapping showcase.

I realised a little while ago that I've not shared any of the scrummy pages that have been uploaded into the gallery lately. While I was looking in there I thought I'd share some of the pages that have been done following Mandy's blind scrap on Wednesday night.
Haven't heard of a blind scrap. Well the best way I can discribe it is an online class with out the photos. The instructions are posted in the forum and can you complete the layout however you interprate the instructions. Want to play along in the next one. Well keep an eye out here. The next one will be on or around the 11th April.
So here is Mandy's page. And three pages from the gallery. How did I pick which three. Well I got Craig to pick out three numbers. 3. 1. 6. and those pages posted in those spots in the gallery have made it up here.
First up is one from Sue.Loving those bright colours.
Second is one from Christine.Knowing Christine and Josie IRL. I can honestly say that Josie does have smiling eyes.
The third layout is one from Deb.So love the paintwork on Debs and her bubble wrap flowers.
Three different layouts all from the same set of instructions.
Till next time. See you all in Therapy.

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