Friday, December 16, 2016

Mandy's December Album Days 9th - 13th

How fast is December moving!
I wish there was an extra week slotted in before Christmas...that might help!
Still moving along with my December album...
and I'll apologise straight up about the photo quality.. we have had such a dull day and trying to take photos in this kind of light has been almost impossible to get right... anyway...
onwards and upwards!  Though, am very happy to have a few more pages under my belt! LOL.
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Day 9
Trimming the tree....
It's another 'paper pocket page'  I really loved how the last one turned out and the fact that cardstock inserts can be made to fit in them as well ... so here we are....

Here's a photo of the last pocket page (I used it to measure by)
This time I just folded over the 12x12" paper MME Sleighbells Ring 'Christmas Confetti' or you will find it in the Sleighbells KIT too
as no 'upside down' on the other side -writing like the green paper, will happen.
You can see that the manufacturers strip is there (its a fabulous bold black and white chevron is on  the inside) Weeeell, I use this :)

This is on the inside but know one will see it.....

Because I cut it out and left only a little bit on the lefthand side.
It looks more like a file now.  I've used the same Sleighbells Ring washi tape again
because its quite wide and it covers both sides of the paper generously.

Then make an insert... I've used the beautifully textured Tim Holtz Core'dinations Distress Cardstock in 'Black Soot'.

See how it sits nicely into the pocket...just like a file :)

Have you seen these?  Not very attractive in its manufacturers packaging,
but boy they are fabulous in real life.  Each frame is of high quality chipboard.

And really want to use these ones except need to cut the bottoms off them....

Except.. oopsies on the black frame... didnt need to cut that.. but this lovely washi (part of the Sleighbells Ring set) worked a treat covering the mistake up
And have you seen these...  Sleighbells Ring Alpha and Word Stickers
Truly.. when you see them in the shop just in the packet - you'd swear there is only the red one as its in front.(and unless you go into the details page and read the fine print.. you'd be none the wiser) the packet in real life.. and look what pops out!  BONUS!  Eight sheets!
Weeeell, I got handy with these....
Now with
DAY 10
being added
Day 9 and 10 have Sleighbells Ring Enamel Shapes too.
Here's the insert that will go in the pocket...

 And this is how it looks pushed all the way in....  just like a file :)

And.. MME 'Joyous' collection have a great alpha/word sticker set too!
Again, with just the green sticker sheet at the front, you don't realise these others sheets are sitting behind.  Cool hey!

DAY 11
This is where I used the above alphas and words.  I try to keep any sort of insert scrapping flat so that nothing gets caught when its taken out or put back in.... just for ease of movement.

DAY 12
This is the back of the pocket page.  I loved this little Christmas sign from
and hung it like a little sign pegged up with an enamel dot

I don't know whether you can see this or not, but the twine ( has a little fine wire in it and little sequins attached.  Love this and will use it more... Deco Wrap Red with Gold Sequins

There we are... the insert just leaning out of the pocket

DAY 13
Did lose a lot of light here for photos ... nevertheless, its still visable! (grimace!)
Poor Cosmo, anyone would think he is hard doneby!  I loved the words from the Joyous stickers...
one said 'hohoho' which I'm sure Cosmo is saying sarcastically!  And the other was 'Just a simple wish' ... from me... 'just smile Cosmo, its just a bit of plastic ivy!' 
 But as you can see.... 'Not happy Jan'!
For a cat, he was one of the most expressive I've ever had (and the most vocal!)  

The little tags are from MME Mistletow Magic Decorative Brads
They come just like that (except I've added the date with these Teresa Collins Alphas)  and very carefully placed the paper tag part inside the plastic pocket, and the brads pushed through (with help of craft knife) from the front of the pocket - these alleviates the pockets puckering. And its also 'see-through'  - that's always appealing :)

 Oh my, nearly halfway there!
How are you going with yours?

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