Friday, October 12, 2007


If you are like me and find buying gifts for males challenging then make the men in your life scrapbooking presents this year. They will be more appreciated than jocks and socks!
Below are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Give a gift voucher to their favorite store and present the voucher in an altered wallet. This wallet holds family photos, quotes and the voucher is where the cash would normally go. This is also a great present for a teen who you would normally give money to.
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2. Do you know a male who loves homemade goodies? If so give them the baked goodies with a recipe gift tag attached. They might be inspired to try their hand at making it themselves.
I have a few male friends that love my homemade Baileys so I made them up a batch and gave it with the recipe attached.
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3. Altered notebooks and diarys make perfect presents for male teachers and these are very quick and easy to decorate. The kids could even hop with making these too.
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4. Mini albums are great for dad to display on his office desk or for grandpa brag books full of pictures of his grandchildren. The one below is an altered desk calendar stand available from office supply shops and newsagencies.
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5. For the boys what about a decorated tin full of goodies such as matchbox cars, football cards, lollies, farm animals etc. If you have a gardener then decorate the tin and fill with flower and vegetable seeds.
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I hope these few ideas inspire you to make some very original scrapping presents for the big and the little men in your lives this Christmas.


Lea said...

oops i deleted my goes again!...thanks for the great ideas melinda!

Narelle said...

They are great suggestions for the men in our lives!

Thanks Melinda!