Thursday, October 11, 2007


Pipecleaners arent what they used to be.
Im sure we all had a play with them as kids creating fun new things, and maybe your kids have them now.

They add a great soft furry dimension, come in fun bright colors, and a beautiful texture to your page.
They are easily modeled to shapes, and can be used for edges, decorative trims, or cut to size for flower centers, or even be used as stems to a flower for a cute look.
Here is my example of 3 ways to use them on your layouts.

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Play around with them, twist, twirl, model, until your happy with the shape.

They are simple to attach to your layout, simply staple, hand sew, or even double sided tape is enough to hold them.

So go raid your kids craft stash if you must, or buy some today and add some fluffy dimension to your work!!


Lea said...

what a cute idea jodie

Narelle said...

Great idea Jodie! Thanks for sharing!