Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Questions to ask

Heritage Layouts and Finding the information from your grandparents and parents.

Ever wondered what your grandma's fav food was as a child, or what was her favourite toy.
Family history is so much fun and a wonderful thing to scrap. Sometimes we don't scrap the history as we don't have the photos or simply don't know a story to go with a photograph we do have.
While you can ask your parents or grandparents to help you fill in the blanks. Don't wait ask today.

Here is a few questions you can ask ( more on the forum in Jiniology)
17. Did your grandmother have some special talents?
18. How important was your grandmother to you? Do you think she
had any effect or influence on you?
19. Do you know what your grandmother died of?

20. Where is your grandmother buried?
21. What kind of work did your grandfather do?
22. Will you describe your grandfather? What did he look like?

What kind of personality did he have? Did he influence you in any
way? How?
23. Are you like him in any way?
24. Do you know how he died? When did he die? Where is he buried?
25. Can you tell me a story about either your grandmother or
grandfather that would characterize her--perhaps something she
did, or the way she reacted to something that happened to her or
some member of her family?
26. How did your grandmother and grandfather meet?
27. Were there any family heirlooms/property, etc. that have been
handed down from generation to generation? What are they? Where
are they now?

28. Can you think of anything else about your grandparents?
29. Can you tell me about any "black sheep" in the family?
30. Are there any stories about famous or infamous relatives on

either side of the family?

Remember these will be questions about your great great grandparents - but you can adapt them - for instance ask your mum what she remembers your grandmother cooking every Christmas. Just think of the layout this could create - a Christmas tradition from the past.

So remember these are only a few of the questions on the forum. Stay tuned for loads more vintage and family history layouts coming soon.

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