Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Family Photo time

With the festive season fast approaching us I thought I would write a few family photo tips.
There are several types of photos two of which are:

- Although not always as "natural," they are just as wanted. Posed shots allow you to place the subjects in the best light, have them look at the camera,smile and be prepared for a photo. Try different groupings of people that you "set" up. Also try a more natural grouping shot - when you find a group of three or four sitting together , get there attention and snap it -- then allow them there posed smiles lol.

Candids - These are the easiest type of photographs to take during a family get-together. Candid pictures catch people in their most natural state. Really work your zoom for these types of shots, this allows you to get close enough without alerting the person you are shooting. You will get the best "personality" shots this way.

Don't forget to capture the story of the gathering too, include shots of the place, food and decorations. And most importantly remember every now and then to actually put your camera down and enjoy the gathering from a different view point -- lol through your own eyes not your camera's.

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Lea said...

thanks jini! i need to remember that last tip. I recently spent most of the day taking pics of hubby and chdn at a waterslide park and at the end of the day i realised i had only been on 2 slides:(