Friday, January 4, 2008

Photography Challenge

Here's the new photography challenge from the forum.

Holiday being trip away or time off "work" or school hols - not the actual holiday of like Christmas - so for our U.S friends a vacation.

My challenge to you is to show us your best "Holiday" photo. Can be a new one or one you took in the past - This is a just for fun challenge - but you could be picked to appear on Therapy's Blog as Photography Challenge Winner for the Holiday's theme.
So you have until the end of January to upload your best photo - limit of 3.

Also get your party hat ready, pack up your tote, put on your best summer gear and head on over to Nat's - well Virtual Nat's anyway and join us tonight for the 1st CC of the month. Lots of fun over the whole weekend - including Julie's cool class on Saturday night - drop by the forum and check what you'll need.

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