Monday, August 23, 2010

Make It Monday Fussy Cutting With Helen Jolly

This weeks Make It Monday i will be doing one of the things i love most and thats fussy cutting

Now dont go freaking out on me !!!!

Step 1
Choose a paper that has good cutting potential

Step 2
Cut out the part that you will need
It will make it easier than having a big piece of paper to try and work with

Step 3
Make sure you have a good pair of sharp pointy scissors and start cutting

Step 4
you should end up with something like this
If not keep practicing!
I try to not cut ON the piece i want i try to leave a bit of a border around it so you can see the whole image

Here are some other cards i have done with fussy cutting.......


When attaching to cards or LOs i use double sided foam or silicone to give it that 3D look

You can also add Glossy Accents or simular to give them a lovely shiney look

Give it a go girls you never know you might just enjoy it!!!!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think or let me know where i can see your creations

Love Helen x


Melissa said...

I love to watch you do fussy cutting Helen, and have learnt a lot from sitting next to you.I love that paper and your cards...just gorgeous

Sandra D said...

Love your fussy cutting Helen! Takes a while but looks great.

Lisa Pate said...

beautiful Helen! You are the QUEEN of fussy cutting x