Thursday, June 13, 2013

Project Life is Here and Selling FAST!

 But what I wanted to share today is the million $ question that I have been wanting to know ever since these were first promoted -
Exactly what is in a Becky Higgins Project Life Core Kit? 
Well I can answer that for the 7 core kits that have just been released (6 of which are currently in stock). 
There is a total of 616 cards according to the outside packaging - that is correct for what I have counted in the kits that I have opened.
  They are made up of: 50 3x4 different double sided prints (rounded corners) - 10 of each per kit - total 500 3x4 cards 10 6x4 double sided printed cards (actually these are a smidgen shorter than the other 6x4 cards) scored to be able to be folded in half or used as a full card 4 of each total 40 scored cards 20 different double sided printed cards 6x4 3 of each - total of 60 un-scored cards this gives us a total of 600 cards - there are then 16 different 1 sided cards (referred to as first page/last page cards) - there is only one each of these cards (8 3x4 and 8 4x6) and these cards are printed on one side and have a suggested placement "map" printed on the second side. 
So there we have it what is in a 616 piece Becky Higgins Project Life Kit and you can find them all 
 along with a bundle of other Project Life goodies like some of these examples for instance below:



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