Saturday, June 22, 2013

REVIEW - Project Life - Holiday Mini Kit

Another review - this time on Becky Higgin's
Not knowing much about it - saw this pic in the shop and being an avid Christmas scrapper, bought it thinking that it would be full of Christmas!  Not so, and really pleasantly surprised  to top it off!
It is full of all sorts of  annual events!
This helps tremendously especially if you are anything like me and started my 2013 PL album quite late or are playing catch-up, so just before I start on my 'Easter' week, this little kit arrived - PERFECT!
SO.... what's in the kit???
 20 4X6 Cards.......... 80 3X4 Cards - 100 Cards
This is how it comes packaged and gives a little hint of what's in the box....
The box is well made and sturdy- it comes with a little magnet clasp to hold it shut.

I've collated the cards into groups, and used backs and fronts for matching and contrasting colours and themes, so some of the cards are used twice to show their versatility and both sides


New Year's

St Patrick's Day

Back to School


 As you can see, even though there are themed cards amongst the Kit, most cards are versatile and can be used anywhere for any day/week/month of the year.

 HERE's where you can find it.

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Pearl Maple said...

Great post, it is good to see the details up close and appreciate the value, nice to see that colours are a nice blend to work with the holidays. Extra cool to see Hanukkah in there too.