Sunday, June 23, 2013

REVIEW - WRMK Corner Chompers

With the onset of the Becky Higgins Project Life arriving in Australia, there are many related questions, one of which is "How can I round the corners of other papers, photos and cardstocks to match?" 
My first instinct was to say that the 3/8 corner chomper is the answer, however on having a play today I have not found a corner rounder that is and EXACT match.   I would call it somewhere between a WRMK 3/8 Corner Chomper or a WRMK 1/4 Corner Chomper, we have the 3/8 in stock at the moment, the restock of the 1/4 is on it's way. 

Why a WRMK chomper? These are a very versatile tool.  They will punch through several layouts of cardstock at once including chipboard and other heavy weight products.  They are double-sided so not only do you get a 3/8 inch punch, you get a 1/8 inch corner rounder as well.  

If however you are in the market to wait a few weeks WRMK are bringing out a new 3 x 4 punch made to go with their 'Albums made Easy' range of scrapping products, and I think we will find this very similar to the size of the PL cards as well.

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