Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Embossing the Mystery Gift!

We have another mystery - a blog post from a mystery source.
Keep an eye on what is going on - the mystery will become clear in tomorrow's newsletter. 
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Here is a little of what our Mystery Girl has been up to:

Do these look familiar?
 Maybe they may have turned up in your Scrap Therapy happy mail parcel in September?
They did mine!
The Mystery Gift!

There's five in each packet. 
Taking a good look at them, I wondered how they could be perhaps....
So, lets pull one apart!

Weeeell, that was fun! 
Make sure you pull off all the 'glue' too!
And don't poke yourself with that wire - it is sharp.

Take the bigger heart .....AND...
find an embossing folder with a pretty pattern....
(Check out the embossing folders HERE)
Then run it through your embossing machine!
Ooooh LOOK!
How cool!

Even though you have missed the order deadline for these as a mystery gift
It's not to late to get these little metal hearts!
(you can find them here they are still available for just $1.50 a pack :)
Then you can have a play too.

Let's continue....

Have you worked with Viva Inka Gold before?
Oh my my!  I love this stuff  (don't be fooled by the name, its called Inka Gold, but other than a couple of jars, the rest make up a good variety of colours!

For instance....
Rub with Inka Gold Turquoise on the metal....

(actually I ended up putting two hearts through the bigshot, you'll see in a moment...)  


Look how wonderfully decadent the Inka Gold looks in the jar!
And how pretty it is on the metal dries fairly quickly!
Rub some on the little tiny heart too!

Here's what we can do with these hearts.......
Two cards.....
The sentiments could be anything... for a baby - or engagement/wedding... valentines or

Congratulations... ( Congratulation's stamp can be found here )

Tim Holtz has a ‘Simple Sayings’ Stamp Set ( a whole range of sayings that would suit this card too) 

Do you have trouble getting that nice neat line around your card when mounting your first layer - have a look at this great pair of rulers, with 8 different margins to cut to.  There is a demo video there to watch as well.
Soooo, lets check out the Inka Gold 'Rose Quartz' with the other metal heart....
Isnt it pretty!

There is the card base cardstock: American Crafts Linen Weave 'Smoke'

And the layers either:
Pink - American Crafts Linen Weave 'Peony'
Turquoise - American Crafts Linen Weave 'Cascade'....
 the top layer of American Crafts 'White'

(sorry about the dark photos - its pretty poor weather here in my mystery part of the world and as the day went on, the more miserable it got!)

Pop some foam dots on your heart and add it to your card

Finished card...

The turquoise one.. with the bit of wire and the beads

CAS cards (Clean and Simple)

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