Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mandy's December Album (outside & inside covers)

Today we are going to look at how the outside and inside covers of this
Tim Holtz album have come together....
The first post about the supplies and links are HERE
Not a lot of work needs to be done for these covers as they are pretty much done for us!
In the last post, I explained that the MME Sleighbells Ring  Decorative Tags
had a fabulous round tag that fit the circle on the cover perfectly!
and the vine die is fabulous called  'Mega Holly Flourish'
and with some Dimensional Magic on it - it comes into its own as an embellishment (the photo shows it in its not quite dry form.  There is one dry layer, and then I've put on a second layer...just on once side of each leaf to give it more of a 3-D effect
which I pulled apart to make it go further for underneath the tag
Then the tag goes on top to finish it off
the little letter 'DAYS' can be found HERE
It also got a good dose of Dimensional Magic too!
Inside Cover:
Have you found a pretty Christmas Napkin...
as this can go along the entire length of the inside cover.. (or any album you choose)
Here's a part of it as an overview... 
you can also notice the Dimensional Magic raising up in places

Usually napkins are two ply, so pull the bottom layer away from the top patterned layer. 

Then with a wet brush, paint with water along where you'd like to tear your napkin
So here is where it will be placed... right along the bottom of the inside cover.
If you look closely, you'll see a join... but that will become in visible

The fun part!   Using a Matte Gel  (or you can use a gloss one that looks just as fabulous) we'll adhere the napkin piece to the cover...
Paint underneath where the napkin will go with the matte gel...
then on top of the napkin to seal it :)
and here it is right along the inside cover
(and the darker grey inking is already there- its the way the cover comes)
Next is the stencilling of the word 'REMEMBER'

A stencil (I used Theresa Collins Essential 'Remember' one, it has three A4 sized stencils in the packet) now that's cool! Here's a photo of them out on my desk so you can see them easier than in the manufacturer's packaging.

I had a little practice with on a spare piece of paper before I did it for real on my album...
Got to say it worked a treat....  The tub is 'Inka Gold - Graphite' (I think I have every colour in Inka Gold because I love it so much!!)   I've used the Ranger Wooden Ink Blending Tool  which worked great blending in the Inka Gold
(don't be fooled by the 'Gold' bit - its just a name, not a colour - don't know why?) 
I did rub this in a second time to get it to go a little darker.
The Inka Gold dries quite fast and suggest you keep the lid on your tub.
Then rubbed the Inka Gold Graphite around the edges of my inside cover, added dimensional magic over the word 'Remember' and that really raised it up a treat too. And added in the bar with the rings on too.  Some sequins top it off!  Pop the word 'sequins' in the search bar in the shop and see all kinds of colours!
Next to start the pages!!
Who's in?????

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