Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mandy's Travel Album - Project Life Style.....

It's been great to start my Travel Album, I've been looking forward to it!
Deciding how to approach this album has been on my mind ever since we started talking about going on our trip! 'Oooh the photos, oooh the scrapping'...and the imagination went to so many different formats of albums etc.

I remember not long ago, Lee-Anne asked us who'd be interested in doing Project Life?
'Not I ' was my reply. I just couldn't imagine putting all I scrapped (or more to the point how I couldn't put all I scrapped and how) into a little PL card!
But reneging on my exclamation some time later and after watching PL come to life out in blogland in so many versions, it started to feel possible - I gave it a go, and before long, was hooked - and gathering PL products became the new obsession!
So finally the decision to scrap our travels PL style was perfect... and to scrap multiple pics on one page - definitely a winner!

I'm going with this WRMK's 12x12 album
(there are many styles of albums found HERE and HERE)

There was a purpose to my Sketch Challenge LO for June - (don't forget to take part!!!)
 It's doubling for my Cover Page... and a great addition is with the little black plastic protector in the album (see below) - it becomes a kind of 'sub-title page'. The alpha is an old Websters one (not in stock now), but I loved the colour.
Products for the Cover Page LO:
Teresa Collins
Travel Ledger Travel Words
Far & Away Washi Tape
Travel Ledger Travel Tags
World Traveller Die Cuts
Far & Away Sticker Accessory Sheet
Far & Away Word Labels
Far & Away Decorative Brads
Far & Away Sticky Notes
Tim Holtz 'Word Play' Alpha Die
WRMK Albums Made Easy Bloom Mini-Kit
MME Quite Contrary Mary Mary ‘Beautiful’ Edged Journaling Card

With my usual struggle of using bold patterns, laying washi tape strips next to each other horizontally down the page, helps to create a background and tone it all down :wink:

Washi tape is also great for dressing up photos too. Here are a couple of photos with washi tape folded over to give a decorative edging. (Far & Away Washi Tape)

Turning the cover page, and wanting to start the PL format on the reverse side, I'm still faced with a 12x12 clear plastic insert for my next LO. So using Simple Stories, 24/Seven Journaling Card Elements 12x12 paper without cutting it, still gives the impression of the PL style....but in 12x12.

Tim Holtz Die Chip Block Alphabet
Tim Holtz Die Alphabetical (out of stock)
Teresa Collins Far & Away Sticker Accessory Sheet
Teresa Collins Far & Away Word Labels
WRMK's Albums Made Easy Webster Mini Kit
Jillibean Soup Days of the Week

Journaling while away is so important to remember all the details on the 'what, when, where and why'...and if you are anything like me... I have no memory once a day is done and dusted and moved onto the next exciting day, so it's imperative that a diary of sorts is kept. BUT!!!, having been caught before writing in a book on both sides of the paper - doesn't kinda work when wanting to pull out those pages to use the words onto or into a LO. So for that lesson learnt - this was the solution...
4x6 Cards.....
Each day, I picked a card out of the pack of cards (random arty ones on scrap paper) then while away only wrote on one side, so if I want to use that card on my LO - it works... or if I didn't, would fit into some hidden space to be pulled out and read.

Because either my writing was really messy on some of the cards (from writing in planes/trains etc or very late at night), or the wrong size or colour card for the space, I've created a concealed pocket and a little ribbon tab for my card which holds the extra details, little drawings etc on them. With a little stapled ribbon tab, it sticks out at the top of the 12x12 page


Here's the reverse side which will be hidden. Some scrap paper of colour/pattern that doesn't even matter makes the pocket and it will never be seen squashed between the back of the cover page and the back of the 12x12 Simple Stories page, it will hold the card.

Take a look at this clear plastic insert format - there are four landscape 6x4's and three 4x4's. I have quite a few packets of different formatted page inserts and love picking and choosing which kind to go with next. It also depends on your photos too - maybe the next cluster of photos are mostly landscape or portrait. Maybe its a mix of both. And sometimes is a matter of printing smaller photos to fit whatever size because there's no other choice :roll: :wink:

Pretty much instantly fell back into using the WRMK's Albums Made Easy Tangerine Pre-cut Mini-Kit Cards. Just had to pick out the dark greys and whites in both the big cards and smaller cards in the little kit. The big cards fit perfectly, a grey and a white little card was put together to overlap to fill the space of a 4x4 insert with a pretty good effect.

Sometimes its a matter of finding the perfect card.... and it needs to be cut down to fit. So getting a little creative.... out goes the middle bit - that part of the quote wasn't going to work anyhow, but what was left certainly did :P

Pushing out these paper buttons from Teresa Collins Far & Away Diecut sheet, ruffling the edges then putting them together ................................................................ made these:

And you might have noticed above - the concealed journaling card? Yep, popped a concealed pocket at the back there too :wink:

Other products:
Glitz Designs Peek-A-Boo transparencies
Teresa Collins World Traveller Die Cuts
Teresa Collins Travel Ledger Travel Tags Paper
Teresa Collins Travel Ledger Tags Diecuts
Simple Stories urban Traveller Journaling Card Elements Paper
Authentique Curiosity Elements Alpha
Teresa Collins String
Far & Away Washi Tape
Teresa Collins Far & Away Garland
Tim Holtz Die Alphabetical

Hope you feel inspired to look at your Travel photos and begin to tell your story :wink:
If you find any of the products have sold out due to being popular, send Lee-Anne a message and find out if it can be made available soon!

 And don't forget to take part in

You never know... it could be your cover page to your Travel Album!!!!



Alz said...

Wow! Wow! And wow!!!!!!! This is exactly what I want to use PL for and what you've created is truly fantastic and so inspirational. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!! :)

Lizzy Hill said...

Magical - such a clever idea, & I LOOOOVE the use of the washi & those Simple Stories cards....looks totally FAB:):):)