Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mandy's Project Life Travel Album Pages 4 & 5

I've finally had some time to scrap some more of my Travel Album which is being done in the Project Life Style ...
Here is page 4
Plastic insert refill found HERE
Its pretty straight forward - I've put my written diary notecards (the little cards I wrote on while away) both cut out and put into a little PL card section and also concealed behind the first card (saying Shanghai) with the ribbon poking out from behind.
Love the travel brads, they can go in all sorts of places... like a 'pretend' holding the page back (the red part below)  and as the lense in the camera...its a bit of fun
Products for Page 4:
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Teresa Collins Far & Away Decorative Brads
Page 5
Plastic page insert found HERE
Page 5 has some quirky bits to it...
Loved the instagram-look of this particular little card but didn't want the title in it...

Soooo filled it with a photo....
 And rounded off the corners
One of the aspects that took shape on this same card  was that the first hotel we were taken to by our guide and driver at 12.30am (yes we were exhausted!!!) and after dragging our suitcases for ages up a skinny little street that couldn't take the width of a car was the wrong hotel!  A tired little Chinese hotel man appeared bleary-eyed and said 'No reservation'  UGH... drag the bags back down the skinny street and after some confusion found the right hotel!  So with that thought - I got creative with the work 'No!' on the photo of the wrong hotel (took a pic of it a few days later so I had the things we do to make a scrapping page! rolling eyes)

Do you recognise the word 'No!'??
Jillibean Soup - Wise Word Cardstock Stickers 4"X6" - Happy Yellow
 Weeeeell, its the word 'joy' - its had the loop cut off the 'y'  to make the 'n'  then part of the loop of the 'j' has been removed too - that makes the exclamation mark!  Still not sure?  Then turn what's left of the word upside-down... and there you have 'No!'  hee hee....

Again I used my own travel diary cards which when writing them, they were scribbled, drawn on and  at most times with messy-ness!  So I wasn't 100% sure that I'd use them in my album, but at least they were great for logging events as the days/weeks of travel happened to us - some were okay for being shown and they fit with the LO, or they were hidden behind so at least the day was documented somehow. 
 Here's the hotel's business card  that has been slipped into a slit made with a craft knife into this little journaling card that has a picture of notepaper on it - that makes the notepaper look a bit more 3-D  It also had a picture on it that was covered by bits of my diary cards
 All done!

Products for Page 5:
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