Friday, August 9, 2013

Becky Higgins Project Life Honey Kit

Here are the types of cards in two sizes, colours/images and patterns
you will find in the
(I'm don't think the cards are as bright in real life as the Product Photo shows)
 Or you could get the small kit without all the repeated cards
I've divided the cards up into colours to show you...but of course they can mixed and matched however you'd like.  Most of the bigger cards and a few of the smaller cards are the same on both sides however with a difference in orientation.... being changed from landscape to portrait which is really handy!

Card can be folded to be used as hidden journaling for example

Cards with suggestions on the back where they could be placed on a page

The fronts of these cards with place suggestion

Pretty cool eh!
You can find them
or any of the Project Life Products
And if you look over on the right hand side bar, you will find a few other links here on this blog to reviews of other Becky Higgins Project Life Products.


mrs dutchie said...

LOVE IT!! Can't wait to get my box of goodies!!! :)

Julene Matthews said...

These are gorgeous and versatile.