Thursday, September 29, 2016


Often, I scrap these days to use a certain product I like and then find a photo to fit.
However, this photo has been floating around in my photo box for a while
 and was a little stuck on what to do with it.......

.........until one of our scrappy girls said 'Look at the photo and break it down, use the elements that are there. We have an old timber door, we have hinges, we have old stone'
That got me started using some of the products below.....

Simple Stories Sn@p Basics

Primary Base Paper

                    Secondary Paper


 Masks used with Modelling Paste

Applied with a spatula, modelling paste the four corners, keeping them unaligned to  add to the vintage feel

Walnut Stain Distress Ink

After the modelling paste dried  softly apply some of the walnut stain distress ink over the top using an Ink applicator , this tones down the bright white look of the paste.  It is also used a little later in the process of the layout....

Next Step, make some embellishments:
Keyhole and hinges: glue some paper out of an old book to some chipboard BEFORE cutting out.
Keyhole: rub a little of the walnut stain ink around the edges of the piece and leave it at that.
Hinges: a little more grunge work is required.  Add some extra brads along the way to better match the hinges on the door in the photo.

Using Old Silver Viva rub, covered the hinges, and whilst still fresh  rubbed through some of the walnut stain ink, this gives it a rustic tone with a metallic undercurrent.  Unfortunately it does not pick up too well in the layout picture. Next add some random dabs of Modelling Paste to enhance that rustic look.

Lastly,  using some old Prima Alphas (long since sold out, but needed to use some 'stash'),  notice there were not enough upper and lower case letters so have simply made them random - it works and it means you can use up some of those old sets that you seem to have all the wrong alphas leftover.  Added a little hidden journaling tag for a bit more information tucked in behind the phone, some lace, some twine, and some scraps out of my 'sampler' box (stuff that I am mucking around with to try out new techniques - I keep them all, never know when they will come in handy!


Dorothy Wood said...

Very nice wishing I was there

Katie Squire said...

I absolutely love this page... makes me want to take a photo to match it just so I can make it